Responsive image   from Colombo-Sri Lanka.
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Responsive image   drinks Beer.   Responsive image   friends with Trump.

Here’s a brief history of who I am and what I do here. I am Namal Danushka and you can call me Danu. I am not a spoiled rich kid from Upper East Side. My dad was not a billionaire wall street CEO. And if he was, he owes my mom a whole lot of back child support. So I am partial to a normal life.

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I am from the beautiful island called Sri Lanka, Colombo. After the graduation, a big company in Sri Lanka has hired me for tech support. After working there for few years, I quit and started a world tour. It was like I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way XD. Finally I ended up in japan.

Now I am working for a company as their tech guy. If you want to design webs, domains, hosting, email packages, web maintenance, security, digital marketing, 2D/3D animations, graphics design, mobile app development, software development, UI&UX design just buzz me. May be I can give you a hand. We are pretty cool people. By doing those swearing at computer became a habit. LOL

Namal Danushka - the man who sold the world

Little More

Music became a part of my life since world war 3. And driving gives me energy. Hanging out with my friends, going to ventures make me happy. Watching movies is my jam. Recently I am into this photography thing. If you are a person, place, thing or an animal and you want me to take your picture, that can be arranged...

My life is based on a

My life is based on a true story. No, really. Some ridiculously messed up things happened to me. And I am cool with telling.

My Super Power

I was a god once. Mostly I used my divine powers to summon Pizza when i was too tired to go out of my room for food.

I know some

Some People I know. Some Aliens I know. Some Robots I know. Some Unicorns I know. Some Monkeys I know. And I know you.

Areas of expertise

Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desks, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography.

Languages I know

I speak my native language Sinhalese. English of cause. Japanese indeed. And I can survive with Hindi. Well.. Not bad for me. huh.

I am trying

I don't want to catch the sky. Just want to be good at everything I do and want to be the best version of me.

Catch Me on Facebook...

If you are in Facebook send me a request. We can have a chat and may be we can be friends!


[Between two evils I always take the one I never tried before.]

• I worship Jedi Master Yoda.
• I like to play with Transformers.
• I chew 3 pieses of gum per day.
• I want to be a super mutant.
• I want to live on Pandora.
• I love trance music.
• I use a Mac.


It's been real. Gimme holler? Badass. There are few ways to get in touch with me. Do you speak Na'vi? Its ok if you don't, I speak English too.

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if you're in Tokyo, you can just try yelling my name really loud :-)